Securing a unit at Mega Tower 7 condominiums propels you to the center of ease and connections, nestled closely to top educational bodies such as Saint Louis University and the University of Baguio.

Its close distance to essential facilities like Baguio Public Market, Notre Dame Hospital, SLU Hospital, and SM Baguio guarantees you have all necessities within reach, presenting a perfect option for individuals seeking a mix of coziness, convenience, and vibrant living opportunities in the lively city of Baguio.


Boasting elegant finishes, top-tier facilities, and a vibrant location, this property presents an exceptional living space that exudes sophistication and convenience at every turn.

Income Generating Rentals

Capitalize on the potential for both short-term and long-term rentals. This condominium is perfectly poised to attract students, professionals, and tourists looking for premium accommodations, offering you a lucrative investment opportunity with steady income potential.

Strategic Location

Enjoy the convenience of living in proximity to the central business district, prestigious universities of the north, top-notch hospitals, and shopping malls. This prime location ensures that everything you need for a comfortable and fulfilling urban lifestyle is just minutes away.

Seamless Transportation

With easy access to public transportation directly in front of the building, commuting is a breeze. Whether you're heading to work, school, or exploring the city, this feature guarantees you and your tenants a hassle-free travel experience.

Enhanced Property Value

The presence of well-chosen commercial entities within the condominium complex can significantly enhance the value of residential units, making them more attractive for both investment and personal use.

Security and Peace of Mind

With 24/7 security surveillance, and a dedicated concierge service, residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing their home and community are safe and well-managed.

Integrated Commercial Spaces

The ground floor of the condominium is dedicated to a variety of commercial outlets, ensuring that residents have convenient access to essential services and retail options without leaving the comfort of their building.






These features combine to deliver a living experience that's both functional and user-friendly, focused on providing residents with a comfortable, convenient, and seamless domestic environment.

Complete Bathroom Fixtures

Each condominium unit comes with a fully equipped bathroom that includes modern and stylish fixtures, ensuring functionality and comfort. This feature eliminates the need for immediate renovations or additions post-move-in..

Garbage Chute System

Each floor is equipped with a garbage chute, simplifying trash disposal. This hygienic solution helps maintain cleanliness and adds to the convenience of daily living..

Ready-Installed Kitchen Countertops
& Cabinets

The kitchen is designed to be both elegant and practical, featuring pre-installed countertops and ample storage with overhead and under-counter cabinets. This ready-to-use setup streamlines the process of setting up your new home.

Centralized Water Heating System

The condominium features a centralized water heating system, providing consistent and reliable hot water for all units, a key component for comfort and convenience in residential living..

Complimentary Wardrobe Cabinet

Residents benefit from added value with the inclusion of a free wardrobe cabinet in the bedroom, providing organized storage space for clothing and personal items without the extra cost.

Standby Generator

In the event of a power outage, the building is equipped with a standby generator that ensures continuous electrical supply to key areas, minimizing disruptions to daily life and increasing safety.ce.

Equipped with Elevators

The building offers modern elevator systems to ensure easy and quick access to all floors. This amenity enhances convenience for residents, especially after a long day or when carrying groceries and other goods.