Introducing Homely Realty your comprehensive real estate brokerage firm dedicated to more than just deals — we deliver dedication. From residential sales and purchases to rental services, property management, and appraisal, we offer a full spectrum of real estate solutions under one roof. Our signature is an unwavering commitment that surpasses the final signature on your contract. We stand by you through every facet of the real estate process, ensuring personalized guidance and enduring support. At Homely Realty, we don't just match you with a property; we align with your aspirations to foster lasting relationships and mutual success.

Homely Realty, believes in 'Commitment Beyond Contract' that values rewarding relationships over mere contracts. For us, every transaction is the beginning of a long-term relationship, nurtured with integrity, professionalism, and an unwavering dedication to your satisfaction. Choose us for a partnership that holds value beyond the property.



Homely Realty's purpose is to guide home buyers and sellers through the entire real estate process with unwavering commitment, integrity and personalized service. We make a wholehearted commitment to understand each client's unique needs and aspirations for their home, and align our full spectrum of real estate services to help them achieve lasting satisfaction. More than just facilitating transactions, we build rewarding relationships and enrich lives by transforming properties into cherished homes filled with memories.



To provide a heartfelt, genuine real estate experience that transforms property transactions into the warm, memorable milestones of life's journey. We strive to bring the essence of home into every aspect of our service, ensuring that each client feels understood, valued, and wholly satisfied. We are dedicated to:

  • Offering tailored, attentive, and thorough professional guidance in real estate.

  • Upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency in every interaction.

  • Empowering clients with knowledge and clarity to make informed decisions.

  • Deeply investing in the communities where we operate, sowing the seeds of lasting relationships.

  • Championing sustainable practices to honor and preserve the environment.

  • Elevating the standard of service with every handshake and every shared success story.



At the horizon of our aspirations, Homely Realty envisions a future where every home transaction enriches lives and strengthens the bonds of community. Our goal is to be the preferred real estate partner that doesn't just facilitate transactions but fosters a sense of belonging and creates homes filled with cherished memories. We see a world where:

  • Every interaction is tailored to the unique needs and dreams of the individuals we serve.

  • Technology and tradition blend seamlessly to provide the most rewarding property experiences.

  • The value of a property is measured not just in square footage but in the fulfillment and joy it brings to its inhabitants.

  • Our name, Homely Realty, is synonymous with unshakable trust, relentless dedication, and the warmth of home.

In weaving together our mission and vision, Homely Realty commits to being more than a firm; we are a sanctuary for aspirations, a beacon of reliability, and a foundation for home-making. Join us, as we pave the path to homes crafted with care and connections that endure well beyond the closing deal — Welcome to Homely Realty, where you are truly at home with us.



At Homely Realty, our core values are the essence of who we are:


We are dedicated to supporting our clients throughout the entire real estate process with unwavering commitment that goes beyond the contract.


We conduct all business with honesty, transparency and professionalism, upholding high ethical standards.


We value building lasting, rewarding relationships and a sense of community with our clients over transactions.


We take the time to understand each client's unique needs and aspirations to deliver customized real estate solutions.


We provide knowledgeable, thoughtful guidance to help our clients make informed real estate decisions.


We aim to bring warmth, belonging and the essence of "home" into every interaction and transaction.


Ensuring every client feels understood, valued and wholly satisfied is our top priority.


Our clients can rely on us for enduring support before, during and after transactions.


We envision transactions that enrich lives, strengthen communities and create cherished memories.


Compassionate real estate mavens dedicated to making your property journey as comfortable and inviting as your dream home. Rooted in empathy, expertise, and a sincere commitment to your needs, we're here to navigate you through every twist and turn with personalized care.

Lyka Milo

CEO & Founder

Leads the company towards innovation and excellence in the real estate landscape.

Melchor Milo

Property Manager

An experienced property connoisseur who works collaboratively with the founder

Monica Mercado

Executive Assistant

Provides comprehensive support across the entire team with exceptional proficiency.